Find a workspace that’s just right for you in Tallaght – with co-working!

A new communal working space is due to open in Tallaght in 2024, providing space for up to 60 businesses, including entrepreneurs, start-up companies and small & medium enterprises.

Work IQ will open the centre in the newly developed Tallaght Innovation Quarter, with the project expected to support the creation of over 700 jobs. The company has appointed Eoghan Powell as Centre Director, Lisa Simpson as Assistant Centre Manager and Daniel Halpin as Business Growth Manager. It will be the first Irish centre run by Oxford Innovation Space, the organisation responsible for managing the largest network of innovation centres in the UK, housing over 1,000 innovative early-stage businesses.

Work IQ offers flexible coworking spaces for people who are looking for regular workspaces to increase focus, collaboration, and networking. Whether you choose the flexibility of the “pay-as-you-go” option or the reliability of their monthly coworking package, you can find a workspace that’s just right for you. With excellent amenities and support services from our friendly team, they strive to make sure that each coworker finds the ideal setup to thrive in while working.

The 2,980sqm centre will include co-working spaces, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, in addition to business supports and events aimed at helping companies grow.

Located in Tallaght town centre, the Innovation Quarter is owned by South Dublin County Council, and will also include a cost-rental apartment scheme and a new public park, Innovation Square.

The €16 million project has been funded by the council, with support from the Department of Housing through the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund.

Currently, the URDF part-funds 132 projects, comprising of almost 400 subprojects, all across the country.

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NBC’s view on AI generated music video

There has been much editorial content given to the pro’s and cons of AI and ChatGPT. In this article by Angela Yang of NBC, Angela discusses some of the commentary about the new music video released last week (and reported on here on May 3rd 2024 – using OpenAI’s Sora

Angela Yang – NBC

A chillwave musician last week uploaded the first entirely artificial intelligence-generated music video created by OpenAI’s text-to-video model, Sora.

Washed Out’s latest song, “The Hardest Part,” was released Thursday, complete with a four-minute music video following a couple’s romance from high school through the rest of their adult lives together — speeding through scenes alluding to a wedding, child-rearing and eventual death.

The video’s director, Paul Trillio, wrote in a statement shared by Washed Out’s record label, Sub Pop, that he had wanted to film such an “infinite zoom” concept for a decade now but never attempted it because he believed it would be too ambitious.

“I was specifically interested in what makes Sora so unique. It offers something that couldn’t quite be shot with a camera, nor could it be animated in 3D, it was something that could have only existed with this specific technology,” Trillio wrote. “The surreal and hallucinatory aspects of AI allow you to explore and discover new ideas that you would have never dreamed of.”

Sora, which is not yet available to the public, can generate videos up to a minute long based on ideas typed into a text box. Edited together, the clips could feasibly be used to make full-length projects. The technology had roused a mixture of excitement and concern online after OpenAI unveiled its hyper-realistic video-generation capabilities in February.

OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

“The Hardest Part,” the lead single from Washed Out’s coming album, “Notes From a Quiet Life,” is the longest music video made with Sora so far. There is something dreamlike, almost uncanny, about the visuals — an effect that seems intentional, according to Trillio, who wrote that it’s “boring” to try to re-create reality with AI.

“I wasn’t interested in capturing realism but something that felt hyperreal. The fluid blending and merging of different scenes feels more akin to how we move through dreams and the murkiness of memories,” Trillio wrote. “While some people feel this may be supplanting how things are made, I see this as supplementing ideas that could never have been made otherwise.”

Washed Out, whose real name is Ernest Greene, also wrote in a statement shared by Sub Pop that Sora managed to bring the fictitious couple’s story, centered on nostalgia and love lost, to life in ways that he believes only AI can.

“What [Trillio’s] come up with is nostalgic, sad, uplifting, and often quite strange. However, he still manages to make you feel for the characters and invested in the journey of how their lives progress,” Greene wrote, adding, “In my opinion, the hallucinatory quality of Sora clips feel like the beginning of a new genre unto itself — one that is surreal and unpredictable and entirely unique to traditional cinema or even animation.”

Some artists online criticized the use of AI to create the video, expressing doubt that it enhanced the video’s creativity or helped evoke emotion from viewers.

The explosion of generative AI technology has permeated creative industries in recent years, raising questions of how the influx of new tools — enabling internet users everywhere to create music, write scripts or lyrics and generate visual media with nothing but a few text prompts — will affect the labor of real-life artists and producers.

Concerns about generative AI were already top of mind for entertainment industry workers during last year’s labor strikes. And many musicians continue to push for protections around use of AI models. Just last month, Drake pulled his diss track “Taylor Made Freestyle” from his social media accounts after Tupac Shakur’s estate threatened to sue him for using an AI-generated version of Shakur’s voice.

Despite a flurry of lawsuits around AI algorithms’ learning from human artists’ copyrighted work without consent or compensation, others in the tech space have few qualms about using the technology — often arguing that the accessibility of generative AI tools will allow lower-budget artists to pursue bigger projects.

Trillio wrote that he remains optimistic about how artists will adapt as AI reveals new technological and creative possibilities.

“This offers a glimpse at a future where music artists will be given the opportunity to dream bigger,” he wrote. “An overreliance on this technique may become a crutch and it’s important that we don’t use this as the new standard of creation but another technique in the toolbelt.”

In our original article dates May 2nd. The video had achieved 36,000 views and 1.6k likes. Today 6th May that figure has risen to 159,200 views and 3.2k likes.


2nd May 2024 – First Official Music Video made with Open AI’s Sora

OpenAI’s text-to-video tool has been a busy bee recently, helping to make a short film about a man with a balloon for a head and giving us a glimpse of the future of TED Talks – and now it’s rustled up its first official music video for the synth-pop artist Washed Out (below)

This isn’t the first music video we’ve seen from Sora – earlier this month we saw this one for independent musician August Kamp – but it is the first official commissioned example from an established music video director and artist.

That director is Paul Trillo, an artist who’s previously made videos for the likes of The Shins and shared this new one on X (formerly Twitter). He said the video, which flies through a tunnel-like collage of high school scenes, was “an idea I had almost 10 years ago and then abandoned”, but that he was “finally able to bring it to life” with Sora.

With thanks to techradar for original article – edited by Sharon

At the time of posting- 3rd May @ 16.40gmt – this video has already achieved 1.6k likes, 36k views.

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The auld fashion Clog

In 1990, it is the absolute glory for the clogs which return in force to tread the parterres of parades of the big Houses of fashion as Chanel, Gucci, Dior. Since winter 2023, the clogs are back with the added bonus of new lighter materials, colors and heels to make it even more sexy.

we are now heading into the coming summer of 2024 and traffic trend have started to stock their summer edition watch this space.


IconApprox. 2 hours 30 minutes including interval.
It’s here.  All the hit-factory songs you love – finally on stage in an all-new musical I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from 07-11 May 2024 
SPECIAL EFFECTS: This production may contain Strobe Lighting, Flashing Lights, Smoke, and Haze.
AGE GUIDANCE:  Age Guidance 12+Under 16’s must be accompanied by and seated next to a parent/guardian aged 18+.
No under 3’s permitted in the auditorium.
*Performance schedule and times are subject to change and may be affected by illness or events beyond the producers’ or venues’ control.
Performers, dates, times, prices, and fees are subject to change without notice

i should be so lucky is about family, friends and being there when it matters most. Featuring ten Number 1 singles and over twenty-five era-defining songs from the Hit Factory, pop classics such as Kylie Minogue (I Should Be So Lucky), Rick Astley (Never Gonna Give You Up), Jason Donovan (Too Many Broken Hearts), Bananarama (Love In The First Degree) and more,

Upcoming shows

Wednesday 08 May 20247:30pm

Thursday 09 May 20242:30pm

Thursday 09 May 20247:30pm

Get your tickets now

check us out below and come join us for a fun filled night

Are Ya Dancin’

The Smash Hit Musical debuts in the Olympia Theatre from Tuesday 27th to Saturday 31st of August. With memorable hits, Rock Around the Clock and Hucklebuck to name a few. It is set in Donegal in the 1960s golden era of music. The story follows Tommy O’Neill, who finds himself at the helm of an up and coming showband. A Showband Story! Tickets priced from €21.50 including booking fee & €1.50 restoration levy on sale now from Ticketmaster Ireland.

Minister James Brown feels good !

Dublin Youth should GET UPA , GET ON UP

Speaking at the launch, Minister Browne stated: “It is always a great privilege to be able to see first-hand the work being done for young people across Ireland and it is my firm belief that this new facility will change the lives of young people in Dublin City.”

John Fitzgerald, Foróige Area Manager for Dublin City, commented: “It’s Foróige’s vision in the South City to provide youth work to young people with a wide range of needs and interests and from a diverse range of backgrounds. We are so proud to be able to welcome young people to a space that enables them to discover themselves  and do so at their own pace – and – in a way that suits them.

Running for good – Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is back for its 42nd year, taking place on Bank Holiday Sunday, June 2, 2024. The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is a 10k road race, which takes place every June bank holiday weekend in Dublin city centre.  It is the largest women’s event of its kind in the world. 

In 2020 and 2021, the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon took place virtually, due to Covid-19.  Hundreds of charities are also big winners.  Women taking part in the event choose which charity they will support and raise funds for, and any local causes gain vital funds from the event.  The Vhi Women’s Mini marathon is one of the largest one-day charity events in the country. 

The Women’s Mini Marathon mission is to organise a world-class event in a safe environment and enable participants to raise much-needed funds for charities.  We are committed to promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle for women and providing a great 10km event which they can walk, jog or run together to achieve their personal goals. 

Since its inception, participants have raised over €226 million for charitable causes throughout Ireland. Participants decide which charity they will support. The Women’s Mini Marathon is a national institution, beloved by women throughout the country, and every year brings enormous cultural, economic, and societal benefits to the city.

Entrepreneur Aimee Connolly has described the annual VHI Mini-Marathon as “the epitome of women coming together”. The founder of make-up brand Sculpted has been the brand ambassador for the 10km run through the streets of Dublin for the past three years and always takes part. “The support is unreal,” she said. “Women are cheering each other, both from the sidelines and those running with you, like, ‘Come on, we can do this’.

Between now and June 2nd, follow @VhiWMM on social media or visit for training plans for walkers, runners and jogger as well as nutritious recipes developed by Vhi ambassador Nathalie Lennon, and much more to support your training journey.

Register today to be part of 2024’s epic heart-to-heart!