Welcome to Tallaght

Failte go Tamhlacht

Tallaght is the largest settlement, and county town , of South Dublin, Ireland and the largest satellite town of Dublin. The central village area was the site of a monastic settlement from at least the 8th century, which became one of medieval Ireland’s more important monastic centres.

Up to the 1960s, Tallaght was a small village in the old County Dublin linked to several nearby rural areas which were part of the large civil parish of the same name – the local council estimates the population then to be 2,500,
Which now in 2023 Tallaghts population is an estimated 75,000.

Did you know ? That in April 2018 Tallaght had its first ever ‘Welcome to Tallaght’ sign erected just off the M50 for the Tallaght exit and just 3 days later the sign had gone missing? Why do you think that was ?