Bard of the Bards

Google’s AI Bard was renamed Gemini February 8th 2024 – but how good is AI at being a Bard, a Poet where code is poetry and poetry comes from code?

Well we asked ChatGPT to write a poem about Tallaght Dublin 24.

Below is the result. the prompt

write a poem about Tallaght Dublin 24

So we asked Gemini to pen us a poem with the same prompt

In Dublin’s sprawl, where mountains rise, Lies Tallaght, kissed by open skies. A modern heart with history’s touch, A tapestry woven, loved so much.

The Square aglow, a bustling beat, Shops and cafes line the street. Laughter rings, a friendly sound, Community on common ground.

Castles whisper, stories untold, Of battles fought and legends bold. The O’Tooles, their legacy grand, In echoes carried by the land.

Parks unfold, a verdant dream, Where families picnic, sunlight streams. The wind sighs soft through rustling leaves, A moment’s peace the spirit weaves.

Sports alight, a passionate roar, Tallaght Stadium, hearts soar. Colours clash, a thrilling chase, Victory’s dance, a joyous space.

From humble homes to soaring towers, A city’s spirit, unbowed by hours. Through changing times, a constant thread, The resilience of all who’ve tread.

So raise a glass, to Tallaght D24, A place that holds you, evermore. With open arms and stories bright, It shines a beacon, day and night.